Why do I need a CPA instead of using one of the online tax services?
While the online services are convenient, are they going to be available whenever you need them?  Are they going to amend your tax return if there is an error in it?  Are they going to advise you of changes in the tax code that may affect prior, current and future returns?  Do they know you?  Do they know your business?  Finally, what are they going to do with the information that they collect from you?  Are they going to use it to sell other services to you?  Are they going to sell your name and household income information to telemarketers?  Are they going to assure the confidentiality of your income, investments, expenses and social security numbers? 

An advertisement by one online company promises to send "a personalized analysis" to you - a euphemism for "we'll analyze your tax return to see if there are any products that we can sell to you."

We're more than just accountants and tax preparers. We are business advisors, business analysts, strategy planners, marketing specialists, information technology specialists and telecommunications specialists. 
We can also advise you on the best business entity to choose, the best accounting tools and techniques and the best practices in the accounting industry.
We can save you time, money and the hassle of dealing with the IRS.  And we'll be there when you need us - anytime.