Individual Financial and Estate Planning
The majority of companies that provide financial planning and investment management services earn a commission from the products and services that they sell. Advising clients to purchase products on which a commission is earned results in an inherent conflict of interest.
I offer fee-only financial planning, investment planning and estate planning services to my tax clients. While the initial cost of a fee-based plan may be higher than that of a commission-based plan, you are assured of no inherent conflicts of interest.

I can help you create a plan that will help build your savings and investments, fund your home purchase, fund your children's college education, fund your retirement, and plan for unexpected events.
I will work with your attorney or other advisers, or help you identify an attorney and other advisers, to help you develop a comprehensive financial plan. This includes both wealth building as well as planning to minimize federal estate taxes at your death by the use of wills, trusts, or other appropriate documents.